How to choose furniture for the hotel

мебель для гостиницы

If you decide to choose furniture for your hotel, pay attention to:

01 Strength of furniture.
Check it yourself, right up to the jumps on it, the wholesale buyer can afford it.

02 The quality of fittings.
Spend time and open-close the drawer at least 50 times

03 Soft furniture pieces.
Must be resilient and keep fit

04 Wrinkles are unacceptable and bumps on the upholstery fabric

05 Important durability and wear resistance upholstery fabric, fade resistance

06 It is important that upholstery fabric could be subjected to chemical and manual cleaning

07 Everything mounts must be of high quality and not have even the slightest defects. For example, not until the end of hammered nails

08 All parts that must be particularly wear-resistant are covered with a special protective composition. Lacquer coating must withstand continuous rubbing and polishing

09 Require environmental safety certificate all materials from which the furniture is made

10 Currently not relevant large TV cabinets. He hangs himself on the wall, saving space

11 Great if the manufacturing factory has service repair and restoration of their products.

Of course, everyone wants to find super-quality for cheap. This does not happen, but you can find good quality for a reasonable price.

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