Different types of wood solid


Wood solid

Wooden furniture makes a cozy, noble and ecological touch in the overall interior. But how to pick up the material? So as not to end up with defects, ranging from cracking and ending with the swelling of wood.

The most important thing is to make a decision.

When deciding to rely, it is necessary not only on aesthetic properties, but also on the hardness, porosity and moisture resistance of the material. This will help anticipate the behavior of the tree and make friends with it.

And so, let’s understand together what tree is suitable for what.

Solid alder

alder wood

This is an unusually light, but at the same time quite durable wood. It is easy to paint and polish, because the surface has a uniform structure.

Increased moisture resistance – one of the main features of alder.

Therefore, this tree is ideal for kitchen furniture. After all, it does not absorb foreign odors. Also it is perfect for the bathroom, replacing ceramic tiles and plastic.

Another plus is the pronounced texture of the tree.

Solid oak

solid oak

Oak wood is distinguished by its strength, strength, density, hardness and weight. This makes it possible to produce furniture and carpentry, which will last more than a dozen years. The material is resistant to rotting.

If textured species are interesting, so that not only the eye, but also the hand would feel the texture of natural wood – this is oak. The texture of the oak is very beautiful, so the furniture from this solid is so popular.

Solid pines

solid pine

Solid pine has an unusually warm color that blends in well with any materials. Such furniture creates a cozy and elegant interior indoors.

If you plan to paint furniture in bright colors, then it is advisable to choose smooth woods. For such purposes, perfect pine. It is easy to color, but it retains its natural pattern.

Another one solid pine — the ability to “breathe”. It helps regulate the degree of humidity in the room. Pine often called natural air conditioning.

Solid ash

ash tree

Ash wood is distinguished by its elasticity and durability, which is almost as good as oak. It is resistant to mechanical shock and quite elastic. Due to the characteristics of this tree, tabletops, steps are made of ash and other elements that require high durability.

The natural texture of ash is so attractive that it does not require any additional toning.

Therefore, a clear pattern, bright color and unique texture are preserved for many years.

Solid walnut

Walnut wood is easily machined, is durable and has a beautiful texture.

This material is durable to bend, but not elastic.

It is sufficiently resistant to moisture, well processed, polished and painted. The walnut texture is very interesting and varied due to well visible, winding annual layers and uneven coloring of the core.

Walnuts are also used for interior decoration. This material is used for cladding joinery.