Casino furniture

with personalized design and sizes

The casino and exquisite wooden furniture give the opportunity to plunge into another world, in which there is a lot of ghostly and illusory. This is especially true in a high-level gambling establishment for demanding elite visitors. Since our company has been operating in the market for the wooden furniture and interiors manufacturing since 2004. We have been engaged in bringing the interior from wood to life in a casino for a long time.

Casino interior

In the interior of the casino, as in many theaters or nightclubs, the windows are tightly curtained, the space is zoned into small private areas where you can relax, discuss important issues. When the connection to the outside world is lost, players forget about time and may forget about current life problems.

After all, fortune rules here, excitement reigns, which means that the environment should entice with temptation, adjust to an exciting, long game and get maximum pleasure.

In 2016 we completed a project to design two luxury gambling establishments in Croatia.
интерьер игрового зала казино
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How to order manufacturing
interior and furniture for casino

If necessary, we will additionally take on the selection, control and obtaining the desired result from subcontractors –
soft furniture, metal, glass, etc.

After the mount of furniture and interior casino we will provide warranty service