Wood furniture manufacture

Production facilities of the company are concentrated in 3 workshops with a total area of ​​1900 sq.m.

Workshop 1

Manufactures higher priced furniture and joinery items. Completes complex designer orders mostly for residential premises

Workshop 2

Designated for single and wide-scale orders, mostly for business premises. The workshop is fully technically equipped. Has warehouses

Workshop 3

Provides the other workshops with materials and blanks for further processing. Makes preliminary wood treatments and prepares it for the basic stages of furniture manufacturing

производство деревянной мебели

Environmentally friendly and proven materials

Manufacturing furniture, we utilize a wide range of materials: all types of solid wood and composites. For surface coating, we use paints, varnishes and lacquers by foreign producers only.

Modern equipment

Guaranteed quality and fast work.

Our team

Our team unites over 90 persons as of now. We care about knowledge and skills of all our employees. Training, courses, sharing experience and professional development is part of our everyday life.