Bar counters manufacturing

with personalized design

Order the bar counters manufacturing and get the expected result. Even the most daring ideas for bar counters, we always manage to bring it to life. The main thing is the presence of an approved project for the future bar counter. And we take care of the rest.

Bar counter to order

Bar counter manufacturing is individual for each institution. But there are general stages as well. As a rule, a project is approved before the start of bar counter manufacturing. Of course, the dimensions are agreed in the project, used materials, production times and other issues.

We manufacture custom-made bar counters for different establishments: restaurants, bars, casinos, theaters, cinemas. And each institution has its own interior. The bar counter should not only fit into the interior, but also be functional and comfortable for both employees and visitors.

Our portfolio includes several dozen bar counters
барная стойка в Хмели Сунели
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How to order
the bar counters manufacturing

If required, we can additionally choose, control and achieve the desired result from sub-contractor companies –
metal, stone, glass, etc.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service after the bar counter installing.