The modern office is design on the principle of “open space”

Interior and furniture photos for the office of our production are presented above

In the work areas, everything is in place so that it was comfortable and functional. Places are separate by decorative partitions and flower tubs, which gives the office atmosphere coziness.

When designing such an office, the open space was divide into work zones, with the help of decorative partitions, for each employee. This ar-rangement allows you to save personal space and not interfere with each other’s work.

In the same way for each employee, the convenient set of furniture, which contains a table for work and added curbstones for documents and things, is calculated. In this area a minimum of decor. The work area is combine with cabinets, which are divide by glass partitions.

A well-thought-out corner where guests will spend their waiting time in comfort. It is also separate by wooden partitions.

The seating area is equipped with tables, sofas and armchairs, a bar for comfortable rest of employees. After all, the main principle of the recreation area is a change of place and change of activity.

Stylish, modern and functional wood interior in the office, properly selected furniture — this is the best business card of the office.

Designer Legar Taras
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