Presented interior and furniture for the apartment to order

In the presented example, the interior and furniture for the apartment are made to order in the modern classic style.

The complex apartment decoration – furniture in the interior

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

In modern classics, refined simplicity and harmony are emphasized. It is the harmony of the interior and furniture made of wood that can be achieved by ordering a complex apartment decoration. Elegant restraint is the main characteristic of this style. All rooms are made in the modern classics style in the presented apartment. From the bathroom to the kitchen.

Interior and furniture of an open-plan apartment

This apartment has an open plan design. At the same time, all private rooms – bedrooms, bathrooms and wardrobes – were made closed. And the kitchen, dining room and living room were combined into one room. With the help of decorative sliding partitions, zoning was carried out. This is the most effective option. After all, sliding doors and partitions take up little space. It’s convenient in terms of functionality.

Exquisite apartment interior details:

  • wooden wall panels
  • moldings
  • cornices
  • stylized pilasters

The kitchen interior in the apartment

In this apartment the main finishing material is also wood in the kitchen interior. The interior and furniture of the kitchen are made of expensive wood with a matte finish and a small amount of carved decor. Pay attention to the kitchen set with light wooden facades. The beauty of the light facades of furniture in the kitchen is emphasized by fittings in the color of old bronze. This is a tribute to the classics. But open shelves and glazed cabinets betray the kitchen lightness and comfort.

кухня из дерева под заказ

Built-in furniture to order

Exactly built-in custom-made furniture makes the apartment interior ergonomic and comfortable to use. For this, cabinets and shelving were built into the walls. This allowed us to save more space. All together added originality to the classic layout of the apartment. In turn created enough storage space.

A feature of the built-in furniture in the modern classic style are furniture facades made of wood. It makes the beautiful and practical apartment interior.

When starting to decoration an apartment, every detail should be taken into account. Everything should be in its place and harmoniously combined. Therefore, we recommend making the interior and furniture for the apartment to order according to the project. Then you will be sure that all your wishes will be taken into account. And the end result will be just the way you intended.


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