Office furniture and interior of the business center RichPort

Location: Kyiv
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The business style of furniture and the interior of the RichPort of-fice is as well as the style in clothes. Namely, a certain restraint of lines, rigor, practicality. After all, classics are status and a certain sense of stability.

Office interior decoration RichPort

In this case, the interior of the office are wall panels, doors, column cladding and the decoration of niches of our production.

Such decoration of premises takes into account small details and fully uses the free space of the interior. Office furniture RichPort.

The RichPort office furniture

When making interior details for this office, the emphasis is on the colors of natural wood. This visually increased the area ofthe premis-es with the help of beautiful wall panels. Panels for walls are made of massif and processed in natural color. And the combination of natural materials in the interior of the office — wood, leather and glass, causes a sense of stability.

The natural color of wood furniture and the beige color of the walls are ideal for creating a working atmosphere.

The modern design of the office and the classic shades of natural wood in the interior design emphasize the respectability of the room.

Functional, stylish and practical interior, which necessarily takes into account the type of activity of the company. And this is a success-ful reproduction of a comfortable working atmosphere for positive mood and stimulation of creative processes.

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