Casino Furniture in Croatia


  • DIAMOND PALACE CASINO – 43 Draškovićeva st., Zagreb, Croatia.
  • CRYSTAL PALACE CASINO – 9 Croatian Army brigade st., Rijeka, Croatia.

Our company in 2016 completed a design project for 2 luxury gaming establishments in Croatia.

The interior fascinates with its fancy and chic scope, expensive décor materials.

Furniture and wood interior giving a never-ending holiday feeling.

Reception – solid alder, MDF paint, gloss and carved baguette with gold leaf.
Countertops – solid ash and maple, painted.
Wardrobe – solid ash, black gloss with golden finish.
Tables – solid ash, tone, patina.
Bar counter – solid alder, MDF gloss, laminated chipboard, openwork façade panel.
Waiter station – solid alder, MDF, paint black and red gloss, laminated shipboard.
Panels and column framework – MDF black and white gloss, wood bead with gold leaf.
Niche framework – MDF, white gloss, wood bead with gold leaf.