Cabinet to order

Custom-made furniture and interior in the office emphasize the status of the owner, his tastes and preferences.

When designing, manufacturing and decorating the interior in the office with wood, great attention is paid to details.

On the ceiling – solid stained glass decor and spot lighting. On the walls – panels in tone with the furniture. The selected dark range of wooden parts perfectly harmonizes with the dark floor and wall color.
The office is divided into a work area and a recreation area.

The main focus is on the work area is on the table.

Wooden, massive, luxurious, elegant table plays a major role in the design and reflects the character of its owner. In addition, the work area has a drawer unit, bookcases, and all this is ideally combine with the wall panels.

All design details are though out to the smallest detail and add color to the atmosphere of this office. The furniture and interior for the office are made of solid ash. Such material looks luxurious and expensive in texture.