Wood furniture and interior for casino in Croatia

Our company in 2016 completed a design project for 2 luxury gaming establishments in Croatia.


  • DIAMOND PALACE CASINO – 43 Draškovićeva st., Zagreb, Croatia. The largest casino in the city.
  • CRYSTAL PALACE CASINO – 9 Croatian Army brigade st., Rijeka, Croatia.

The furniture for casino and wood interior fascinates with its fancy and chic scope, expensive decor materials in the design.

According to the design project, we manufactured, delivered and installed furniture and interior elements for the casino:

The reception is made of solid alder, decorated with carvings and a baguette.
Countertops – solid ash and maple, painted.
Wardrobe – solid ash, black gloss with golden finish.
The tabletops are made of solid ash and maple.
Tables — solid ash.
Bar counter – solid alder, openwork panel on the front.
Wardrobe — solid ash.
Waiter’s station, panels, columns and niche framing.

Furniture and wood interior giving a never-ending holiday feeling.